October, 2021, EINDHOVEN NL

Subject: COUNCIL opposition to the construction and consolidation of identity on behalf of governmental bodies and invisible committees for uniformity and flatness charged upon individuals in transition

From PC Routine Service Functionary
To: Guest Friend, Fuutlaan 2A, 5613 AB, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

My darling,

This is not a comedy it is a staging of a comedy, to our own frailty.

Actually, this is an offhand remark you are set for quantification and use, to fit into a narrative coherence. At this point, someone should mention the degradation of social constitution, while dogs must be barking and I could get a call. "The institutions we design are not empty of content?

Sure, there is a subject to the logic of administrative services, "you freelance to a brand, and get by with a name and a body.

With your role, you must respond as introduced, be one in a system, a nice ordering system, exist none outside, each in a role, like the famous travelling players, you know, charming and charmed both the foreground and the background, stand here please, we need your picture.

The face won't focus, and excuses line up in formation. Falling to stand, but also to disturb, the same our movement and migration, the stream of change or just entropy you know, always in a new body or style to adopt, anyway dated habits, forcing some kind of production, of integrity and status, like an obsession with principals and class, the ones we make to have and to hold, and to respond to a fixer, before the question is entirely lost, "Who are you”

Followed not by a shy witty and stolen retort, "1-1 hardly know, Sir, just at present at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.”

Written hastily in a paper hung in the front door, making a wall the wall. A patent by the authorities, nameless governments and nameless Gods, but you must agree, you must, and pay with ironed wind regards.

Settle some fee or fine, sign above the dotted line, credits consigned to your fingerprint, leave your leather to the building, orders by constitution.

Then, you can go and spill coffee on this paper, it is gonna be an accident of course. I do not want to argue no actually, I meant to say ever since the start, we are caught in the lazy making of productive practices.

The cost of living, the trial of wage and glory, like a sort of guide on how to make a nation. Then you have the name thing again. Steal it. Cliché, appropriation is an issue, is it actually?

You look like those filtered faces on Instagram, flipping flying pancakes to impress. Make a change, darling-did you wash your hands? Then you sign again, and pay with ironed kind regards

The social paradigm, the tux and the suit, a meal to the body, dressed up and naked, it smells like a costume, or just plastic. Bake it in sweat, repeat until further notice Practice practice practice

PS, Let it stew for days.

Agree and sign here